YNG+ in 2019

Interested in being part of a YNG+ event in 2019? Email yng@ypo.org for more information on registering for any of the events below!

International Conference for Women.png

YNG+ @ YPO International Conference for Women
Leap into the future to discover your own personal and professional goals and achieve your full potential. Surround yourself with inspiration at this experiential Only-in-YPO retreat exclusively for female YPO members, female spouses/partners and female YNG+ers. Topics from artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to blockchain, cryptocurrency and cybersecurity will provide fertile ground for innovation and inspiration. Delve into the changes already making waves in art, education, business, social media and medicine today.

Through a mix of TED-like talks, panel discussions, educational excursions and fun social events, you will explore “Concepts, Inspirations, Connections & Momentum” that will help facilitate growth in all aspects of your life. Forum-modeled breakout sessions will further encourage deeper interactions, discussions and friendships among a dynamic network of peers. You’ll feel energized by the accomplished YPO women around you and empowered to take thoughtful risks in your own personal journey.

GDS 2019.png

YNG+ @ YPO Global Digital Summit
Very often in the pursuit of more sales and greater awareness, we chase the latest shiny thing. Radio didn’t kill print, TV didn’t kill radio, cable didn’t kill network TV, the internet didn’t kill cable and mobile isn’t killing the laptop. Amazon is not killing bricks and mortar. But each of those is changed by what came next.

So rather than explore the latest trend or fad, the next Global Digital Summit will look at how to integrate all of those to drive results. How do you mix and match channels, audiences, messages and strategies to leverage the best of each?

Global Peace Engagement Summit.png

YNG+ @ YPO Global Peace Engagement Summit
How do we work collaboratively through science, technology, education, art and politics to further the importance of peace in the world? There is no better time to discuss peace in this unsettled world.

Gain inspiration from dynamic thought leaders of Harvard University and Tufts University, and acquire the necessary skills to act from powerful, engaging speakers and world-renowned peacemakers.

YNG+ers will also have the special opportunity to enhance personal, professional and life goals through a lens of global interconnectedness at the PAN Peace Ambassadorial Training at Tufts University. This half-day of skills training will draw on established, effective models, emphasizing the importance of Forum. Participants will learn best practices from leading Harvard University faculty and former U.S. ambassadors, as well as receive certification in Nonflict.

YNG+ Navigating and Nailing the Job Search
Technology is revolutionizing recruitment, profoundly changing how employers recruit and interview candidates. This workshop is intended to fill the gaps where college career services often lacks expertise, tools and relevant knowledge in the ever-changing digital world of talent recruitment.

Navigating and Nailing the Job Search.png

Luxe Paris.png

YPO/YNG+ Luxe Paris
In the first-ever joint program, YPOers and their YNG+ers (one parent/one YNG+ member) will travel to Paris, capital of the world’s luxury goods market, together for a thrilling insider’s look at what gives luxury brands swagger and stamina. Learn firsthand about branding and marketing to a multi-generational global audience with Only-in-YPO access to the leaders of the most sought-after brands from fashion and jewelry to champagne and fragrance.