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YNG+ in 2016



The Merlin Project is a groundbreaking opportunity for YNG+ entrepreneurs, innovators, and disruptors. YNG+ers are participating in a four-month accelerator program of virtual learning with 10 virtual learning modules covering topics from pitching your idea to in-depth financial modeling. 

You will see some of our YNG+ participants at the YPO EDGE Vancouver. The most disruptive innovator will be named the 2017 EDGE Innovation Competition Winner.

A huge THANK YOU to our 18 YPO members who are individually mentoring our YNG+ Merlin Project participants, and to those YPOers who generously gave their time as speakers during our learning modules. 

YNG+ London business school 2016 

60+ YNG+ers from around come together at one of the world's most prestigious institutions to learn how to grow their business. Driven young professionals embarking on a career path toward business leadership need the tools necessary to meet challenges and excel at leading and managing growing companies. The YNG+ London Business School program combines expert resources in business management with real-life case studies of companies that have not only met the challenges of business growth, but thrived as a result of their approach to key issues. Study groups and forum-like discussions provide YNGers with the opportunity to connect with young professionals  from around the globe, building a network of peers facing similar challenges.


Connecting YNG+ members with Mentors from the YPO community, YNG+ers will benefit from one of the most powerful, intensive and satisfying learning journeys of their career. Sharing wisdom, leading innovation, embracing networking, and building knowledge with the YPO and YNG+ community is what makes us unique. YNG+ers join industry-centered virtual mentoring cohorts for a period of six months - it's a chance to interact and grow in a forum-like environment with peers and leaders from across the globe. 

YNG+ iLab

Are you a creative thinker or a strategist? Are you a dreamer, doer, experienced or just stepping out into the world?

iLab is a GROUND BREAKING program powered by Harvard Business School’s digital platform, HBX, and taught by none other than HBS’s Clayton Christensen – one of the world leaders of innovation, disruption and growth in business. YNG+ participants, working in small, virtual teams, get the chance to innovate “real time” working with selected YPO member companies to solve business challenges using disruptive solutions.


YNG+ Resource-in-Residence

No matter where you are in the world, Resource-in-Residence is your Only-in-YNG+ all-access pass to extraordinary global connection. Looking for a mentor, coach or just a friend? Resource-in-Residence is where you find your people.

From entrepreneur Kim Kaupe, to Nexus founder Daniel Karpantschof, to director and producer Kinvara Balfour, YNG+ers have the opportunity to connect virtually with thought leaders around the world.

For two months, we host a new "Resource" - innovators, change makers, revolutionaries, and creators - to give exclusive YNG+ access through an open Global Connection, 10-person thematic Coffee Sessions, and more personal One-on-One sessions.  


YNG+ers don't just want to live...we want to make an IMPACT. At a retreat in the Swiss Alps, YNG+ers found a path to make a personal and professional impact. YNG+’s inaugural social impact event will immerse participants in the world of social business and leadership, from sustainable food to tech trends. YNG+ers explored YPO-run eco-village Montagne Alternative, Switzerland’s first B Corp and worked directly with YNG+ social businesses.

YNG+ Joins YPO Mxn 

YNG+ means access to Only-in-YPO events...expand your horizon with YPO Networks from Entrepreneurship & Innovation to Manufacturing. 


YNG+ does Stanford...learning from the best of the best on how to speak with confidence. A distinguishing factor in leadership, effective public speaking can not only propel your career forward, but give you the confidence to speak assuredly under any circumstance. Led by Stanford Professor JD Schramm, this seminar will teach you the skills needed to present with passion and excitement. This highly interactive seminar will provide the proven tools and practice opportunities to create, develop, and refine your personal pitch. 


yng+ preparing for professional life

YNG+ers take your personal and professional development to the next level. From entrepreneurship to family business, Preparing for Professional Life does it all. Participants gained a sense of clarity around their personal strengths and can use them to parlay those characteristics into a rewarding future.

YNG+ers from this rewarding program say....

"One of the best weeks of my life!"

"Not only did I receive career planning advice, but I learned life lessons from some amazing resources and had fun doing it. I came away from this experience with friends, wisdom and motivation."


YNG+ @ Pacific edge 

YNG+ers enjoyed a private tour of Sony Entertainment Studios in the heart of the entertainment industrywhile learning the inner workings of Sony as a multi-billion dollar business.

From the CEO of Nylon Magazine, Paul Greenberg, to Founder of Hudson Jeans, Peter Kim (YPO Malibu), YNG+ers wined & dined with LA’s best. Saw UCLA like never before. And took away the deepest value of YNG+.

A big THANK YOU to YPO Pacific US region and YPO Malibu for inviting YNG+ers to this spectacular event!