Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

YPO Code of Conduct

Act with integrity and high ethical standards in your personal and professional life.

(Policies and Procedures Manual Reference: Article III 11.a.)

  • Avoid behavior that reflects adversely on YPO, YNG, YNG+ or other members by their association with you.

Support the safe haven culture within YPO, YNG, YNG+ to encourage open sharing of ideas and perspectives.
(Policies and Procedures Manual Reference: Article II 9; Article III 14. and YPO, YNG, YNG+ Forums)

  • Honor the privacy and confidentiality of members and their experiences.
    • Adhere to forum protocols. Outside of forum, talk about Nothing that was said in forum to Nobody under any circumstances. Never means forever ("Nothing, Nobody, Never").
    • Do not share member-specific content outside of YPO, YNG, YNG+. This includes the absolute privacy of members' personal and confidential information, membership rosters (current or past members), M2Mx requests and "off the record" comments from speakers and resources.
  • Adhere to the non-solicitation policy by not attempting to sell products or services, seek special advantages or raise funds from others on an unsolicited basis. This includes charitable and political causes, however worthy, as well as to business.
  • Always respect your fellow members when they say "no."
  • Any conflict of interest must be disclosed and approved in advance.

Treat everyone with the highest respect and attention, similar to what you expect as an influential chief executive.
(Policies and Procedures Manual Reference: Article III 20.)

  • Provide priority responses to phone, email, text messages and internet/app/social enterprise communication (i.e. Skype, What's App, etc.) inquiries from other members. The intent is that providing priority responses applies to all communication methods.
  • Accept and embrace the diversity of perspectives across the YPO, YNG, and YNG+ peer community. Different business, geographic, cultural, age, gender and ethnic perspectives help us become better leaders.

Enforcing the Code

This code of conduct applies to every member. Members are responsible for the conduct of their family members within the YPO, YNG, YNG+ community. Members must affirm each year that they understand and commit to the Code of Conduct. 

Consistent understanding and enforcement of policies and procedures supporting this code promotes the core values of
YPO, YNG, YNG+. Undesirable behavior contrary to this code has the potential to harm the YPO, YNG, YNG+ reputation and the reputations of members by their association with YPO, YNG, YNG+

Violations of this code could result in a loss of membership. 

Code of conduct enforcement is conducted by the Audit Committee. The significance of a violation and any consequences therein may vary based on the circumstances that are determined through the Audit Committee's investigative process. Repeat offenders are addressed with less tolerance. Member expulsion by the chapter or
YPO, YNG, YNG+ is a possible consequence as outlined in the Policies and Procedures, Article VIII. 

Reporting Code of Conduct Violations

Reports of potential violations of the code of conduct are handled on a strictly confidential basis. 

Any potential violations in the code of conduct should be reported to any one of the following:
Audit Committee Chair Scott Chiu (YPO Shanghai, YPO North Asia, YPO Beijing) at scott@hcg.com.cn
Chief Executive Officer Scott Mordell (YPO Gold Heartland) smordell@ypo.org
Chief Financial Officer Terry Wilson at twilson@ypo.org