Family Team (YNG Local and YNG+)

YNG Local

Regional Family Managers

Africa: Lisa Burger (Cape Town, South Africa) //
Australia/New Zealand: Jane Daish (Melbourne, Australia) //
Canada: Karen Postma (Halifax, Canada) //
Central U.S.: Sondra Padlo (Dallas, TX, USA) //
East Central U.S.: Sondra Padlo (Dallas, TX, USA) //
Europe: Karen Postma (Halifax, Canada) //
Latin America: Amber Skipper (Dallas, TX, USA) //
MENA: Surja Kishore (Chennai, India) //
North Asia: Jane Daish (Melbourne, Australia) //
Northeastern U.S.: Kate Chase (Boston, MA, USA) //
Pacific U.S.: Sondra Padlo (Dallas, TX, USA) //
South Asia: Surja Kishore (Chennai, India) //
Southeast Asia: Jane Daish (Melbourne, Australia) //
Southeastern U.S. & Caribbean: Kate Chase (Boston, MA, USA) //
Western U.S.: Amber Skipper (Dallas, TX, USA) //




Mary Graulty: YNG+ Administrator (Dallas, TX, USA) //

Lindsey Krummell: YNG+ Program Manager (New York, NY, USA) 

  • Events in Americas and EMEA 
  • Global Career Program 
  • iLab & The Merlin Project 

Thérèse Sillars: YNG+ Program Manager (Singapore, Singapore) //

  • Events in Asia-Pacific 
  • Virtual Mentoring 
  • Innovation Week

Ruby Watkins: YNG+ Community Manager (Boston, MA, USA) //

  • Resource-in-Residence 
  • Community Devemopment